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We are specialists in electrical Arc Flash safety!

To support our customers in their efforts to increase electrical Arc Flash safety in their European facilities, we have developed a portfolio of products and services which will provide everything needed to execute a complete Arc Flash safety program.

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EasyPower Electrical Engineering Software

With our EasyPower engineering software you will be able to perform Arc Flash analyses on your electrical systems and EasyPower will also generate the Arc Flash labels for you. If you don't have resources to execute an Arc Flash safety program yourself, you may also let us take care of it. Contact us for more information or order a free demo.

OnSite Data Collection Software

To be able to perform reliable Arc Flash studies you need to have actual equipment data and settings. Our OnSite application used with the Bartec Agile X tablet makes this process a lot easier. If data collection is finished, it can easily be imported into EasyPower to perform Arc Flash studies. Contact us for more information or order a free demo.

Arc Flash Studies & training

We are able to deliver you parts of or a complete Arc Flash safety program, including project management, data collection, Arc Flash study, labeling, PPE and Arc Flash training. Whether you have small or

big projects, your Arc Flash safety program will be in trusted hands if you  let us take care of it. Contact us for more information.

Arc Flash Labels & Printers

For labeling your electrical equipment after an Arc Flash study , we can offer you the Epson C3500 label printer with the Epson PE matte labels.

This combination of printer and label is certified according to marine standard BS 5609, thus providing you guaranteed highly durable labels. Take a look in our webshop.

Arc Flash Rated PPE

To complete your Arc Flash safety program we will offer you a comprehensive collection of Arc Flash rated PPE to provide your workers with optimum protection adjusted to the requirements.

All our Arc Flash rated PPE are high quality products from market leading manufacturers. Take a look in our webshop.

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They used EasyPower to reduce Arc Flash hazards!

Many companies have already used EasyPower electrical engineering software to reduce Arc Flash hazards in their facilities.


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what we do

Everything to complete an Arc Flash safety program!

For the execution of an Arc Flash program different subjects need to be addressed. The process starts with collection of the actual field data (use OnSite on a Bartec Agile X tablet) and after this, an Arc Flash study needs to be performed (use EasyPower), the Arc Flash labels need to be attached, the proper PPE needs to be provided and workers need to be trained for Arc Flash hazards. We are able to deliver all of this to you.


Data Collection

We perform the complete data collection for you. All data needed for the Arc Flash study has to be accurate and actual. This is the start of your Arc Flash safety program. Of course we will use our OnSite data collection tool for this installed on a Bartec Agile X tablet so we also may enter your hazardous area's without problems.

Arc Flash Study

We perform Arc Flash studies for you, using our market leading EasyPower software. The Arc Flash studies will be performed by some of the most experienced electrical engineers in this subject. We are also able to provide high quality and certified for durability Arc Flash labels, needed for labeling the equipment.

Arc Flash Training

We provide Arc Flash training for instruction of workers after the Arc Flash program is finished and the correct PPE is delivered. With the proper training of your workforce, Arc Flash hazards will even be more reduced. There are quite some details people have to be made aware of.

Our professional trainers are able to do just that.

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Contact us to help you with your Arc Flash program!

EasyPower Europ is dedicated to reduce Arc Flash hazards everywhere. No matter if you are working in oil & gas, power generation or distribution, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, automotive or any other industry, we are more than happy if we could help you to reduce Arc Flash hazards in your facilities. Contact us for more information.


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